Monday, April 3, 2006

Gates of the Hill Country, Texas, Page 3

Above, this is what I am going to call a Ranch Gate. The upside down "U" structure is what I am referring to. This one is quite tall, ohhh, guessing 20 feet. There is wrought iron below, a Texas star and a wagon wheel (to the left) of the Ranch Gate. Inside the Ranch Gate structure there are 2 sections, to the left and to the right that have some design. See below, it reminds me of a peacock tail or sun rays, what do you think?

Left, an enlargement of the sun, or the peacock tail.

Above, a Ranch Gate with a curved top, intials at the very top, as well as the name of the ranch, stone columns, flags (US and Texas), wrought iron fencing and some of those entrance mechanisms, one inside the gate, one outside the gate. There are also electric lights on each of the larger columns, which cannot be seen in this electronically enhanced and reduced version of the photo.

Above, this Ranch Gate has a solar panal for power, stone wall and columns (behind which you can see part of a fence line made from tree branches), the house number on the functional portion of the gate and if you look closely, on either side of the house number you will see a Texas Star and Texas State outline. The Ranch Gate portion of this entry is made from some pretty hefty looking metal pipe.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Gates of the Hill Country, Texas, Page 2


Above, stone (done a bit differently) and functional gates between, plants in the middle. Not sure if this is one driveway or two. The fencing to the left and right of the gate appears to be metal pipe.

Above, same gate, a closer view, note the small black box on a pole on the far left, obviously some kind of entrance mechanism. Also note on the top far right, is a small solar panel for power, saw a number of these, and of course, middle, some kind of skull.

Above, similar building materials, stone, functional gates, and a Texas Star. This star is painted red, many are black or tan.

Above, stone, columns, gate, initial, plants, this gate has it all, I thought it was quite eloquent. The drive goes up a hill. The wall between the shorter columns in front and the taller columns in the back is curved along the ground and also gets taller as it goes towards the back columns. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Above, Texas sized functional, brick columns appear to have been painted. This gate is 8 to 10 foot tall. I find it interesting that they still manage to get some style into their functional gates.

Thanks to the gate builders of the Hill Country of Texas.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Gates of the Hill Country, Texas, Page 1

Last year when we visited the Hill County, I fell in love with the Gates. I decided if we ever got back I was going to take a LOT of photos of them, to share. I fell in love with the individuality, the art, the simple ones, the outrageous ones. Here are some, Thanks to the people of the Hill County and their great gate builders.

Above, very functional, with a bit of brick at the sides, yucca plants for decoration.

Above, columns of stacked stone, wrought iron, and cattle grate. Note the MK and JK on the columns.

Above, wrought iron, with spear tops, gate & sides the same, initial J.

Above, functional taken into the world of nature. Isn't this fabulous? This gate is quite tall, maybe 10 foot.

Above, columns, local stone, flags. Note the UPS box, on the short column on the left, it is about 4 foot tall.