Wednesday, February 27, 2002

The Tour, 2002, Part 3

February 22, 2002

Rain began about 3 or 4 in the morning, and it rained and rained and well, you get the drift, errr, rain.  Actually it did more than rain, it poured.  For HOURS.  We did nothing, by afternoon we had done so much of NOTHING, that with all that rain falling on the trailer roof, well, we both took a nap.  Man succumbed first, I was working on the Bowen lineages, but within 30 minutes or so of his sawing logs episode, I fell into line, and onto the bed with blanket and dogs and took my own nap!  The afternoon passed, we were OUT for close to 3 hours.

By the time the rain ended about 20 hours later, the weather reports were that 4.5 inches of the wet stuff had dripped out of the skies.

After dinner I groom Gallagher, and do a little computer input work.

Needless to say, I did not sleep too well this night, but Man says he had no problem. Go figure!

February 23, 2002

Time to move on to Naples Florida, it is grey, wet, and nasty, even a little cool.  It is back into long pants.  We feed the dogs and manage to get in a walk around the park without getting wet, it started to sprinkle a little, but no damage done.  We also managed to get hooked up without getting wet.  It did start to rain pretty hard just after we left the campground.

All that rain has ruined some of the caulking that Man did, and it will have to be redone.  Sigh.

On the way to Naples, we stop at Fort Myers at Camping World, and take on supplies, even bought some new spring bars for the refrigerator, they keep the food from sliding all over and out when  you open the doors after having been on the road (moving).  Mine are over 15 years old, icky looking and rusty.  What a splurge to have new pretty clean, white ones.

When we get to the campground some “gentleman” at the desk had no idea we were coming in, said he did not know if our site was available, just go have a look.  This person’s attitude stunk, he was a smart arse, and did not care what he sounded like.  He parting shot was something like, go down there, if it is empty just pull in, if not, come back and we will see what Anne (the gal we talked to on the phone when we made the reservations) wants to do.  BLAH, times two.

The flip side of this, the great side, is that the site was indeed empty and what a nice site it is, cable tv hookups, sewer, water, great electric, and total concrete pad, never have to get your feet dirty here, I can guarantee that.  At the rear of the site is a large manmade pond.  Very pretty.  Wonder if there are any gaters in there?

The campground has a large number of “park models”, most people have their summer flowers planted in pots and such.  Petunias, and impatience abound.   Many of the campgrounds we have stayed in are the same, snowbirds who come as early as November 1st and stay as late as the end of May.  Others stay for 1, 2, maybe 3 months.  We have met snowbirds from Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, Quebec, New York, and other northern states.

After getting all set up, we decide to go out for a meal.  Shoneys it is.  Then we decide to call a few people we know that live here in Naples, Otto and Dolores Kolle, not home.  Monica and Hugh Noble, from the Irish Hills, are home, we make arrangements to see them on Monday.  Then we drive out to Marco Island.  YOWSER, is there money out there ???  GULP, yep, lots of it.

Back to the trailer, relaxing for Man, input for me, till my brain won’t work anymore.  Boy, this vacation stuff is hard work, it is almost 10 PM, and I am ready to call it a day.

It is cold here, under 60 degrees and a strong wind.  I am considering putting my long johns back on.  Brrrrrr.

Yawn, after a bad nights sleep last night, I am more than ready for zzzzzs tonight.  Yawn.

February 24, 2002

We get a call from Otto and Dolores Kolle and make plans for a visit this afternoon.  They are located east of I 75 on 951.  We have a great visit, go for lunch, they take us for a tour of the Naples area, and their campground.  Their campground is very nice, their site even better, they have planted palm trees which are now about 20 feet tall and shade their site.  They have planted some other plants, have a tasteful amount of lawn ornaments, it is all pleasant and nice.  They have a shed, a screened in room which is wonderful to sit in away from the bugs.  All in all a very very nice day!!!!!!  Thanks Otto and Dolores for a great time.

February 25, 2002

Today we will visit with Monica and Hugh Noble, from Wamplers Lake, Brooklyn, Michigan.  They live very near the campground we are staying in.  They have a manufactured home, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, rights to the swimming pool.  This is a subdivision, not a gated community, quiet and nice.  We go over to Marco Island for lunch, at a place right on the Marco River called Snooks, watched the boats go in and out, the food was good, there was entertainment.  The afternoon passed very quickly, enjoyable, but quick.  Thanks Monica and Hugh for lunch and the pleasant afternoon.

Back at the campground we get on the internet, check our bills, check our email.  I do a little input, and then we both crash.

February 26, 2002

A quiet day, spend most of the morning cleaning the trailer, taking showers, combing out Captain Hook and Gallagher.  Otto and Dolores stop over for a couple of hours and then Man and I go to the pool.  I did not stay real long, and I still got enough sun for my pale skin.

Groom Abigail.

Spy a 4 foot alligator in the pond behind our trailer.  Another day slips away, quickly slips away.  It was about 75 here today, there was snow in Tipton.  But tonight it is supposed to start getting cold and tomorrow they forecast a high in the 63 degree range.  Hoping to do some input now for a few hours.

February 27, 2002

Today we go out for breakfast, I am well past needing my first hit of grits.  We have spied a Waffle House, and head that way, get there, it is crowded and about 60 % of it is smoking section, the smokers are all puffing away.  We try to wait for a non-smoking table, but after about 10 minutes, give up the wait/battle and we are off to find some place else to eat.  We find a Cracker Barrel close by, get seated immediately, nice large no smoking area and food.  The grits are ok toooo!

We stop at a Publix for some groceries, Man has taken too many allergy pills and has a foggy head, so when we get back to the campground he dog sits and naps.  I do the laundry, and attend a “genealogy workshop” in the library.  The teacher is from Connecticut, and knows a lot about researching in their town halls, but not much about research anywhere else in the US or abroad.  I offered some ideas and information, a diversion for me while I wait for the laundry to dry.

Back at the trailer, I hang clothes everywhere, shirts that I don’t dry all the way.  Then I go to the clubhouse and do some email.  Man makes some more trailer repairs, more caulking, puts a cover on the vent holes at the back of the refrigerator (on the outside door to the refer area of the trailer), so bugs don’t get in.  We have some dinner, Man watches TV and naps, I do input.

It is getting cold, there is talk of a freeze warning.  It is windy.  I have my long pants on and I have on my long johns toooooo!!  We do our showers now, to save time in the A.M.

About 11 P.M. we call it a day, not a lot of activity, but a day is gone nevertheless.  Life is slow in the trailer, sure is different than home.

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