Monday, March 18, 2002

The Tour, 2002, Part 7

March 14, 2002

Morning spent doing showers, I stopped long enough to do my nails, well, not a good job, but did manage to get some polish on.  Man went back to the outlet stores and found some tennis shoes and a cover for the couch in the trailer.  We have worn the fabric out, holes are showing up everywhere, it is icky to look at, so we will cover it for now.

After lunch we went back to the library, I had high hopes of finding obituaries, I had my list, my dates, I was ready!  BLAH.  Three were not to be had, no paper, for about 20 years.  Two others, found zippo!  Sigh.  Did find one, Susan Blanton, sister of my great-grandmother, did not tell me much, but I have it.  Found a very nice county history that told me a little about the “Ridge”.  Did some email.

While I was working, Man was working too, on finding another seafood restaurant.  Right across the street from the library!  Yes, we did go, found it to be a bit pricy, so had a hamburger and onion rings and crab cakes, and are pleased to say, food was pretty good.

Then we went for a ride back past the Ridge, north on 99, towards Sapelo Island area.  There is a nice visitors center there, you have to take a ferry out there, visitors can only go on Wednesday and Saturday, and with prior arrangements.  A very beautiful area.

Back to the trailer we are now trying to come up with a master plan for the next couple of weeks.  We have discovered we may have to “adjust”, as I wanted to go to Savannah, but it is St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, and I fear we will not be able to get a campsite, Man is out trying now.

I need to groom dogs, so, will put the puter away for a while, and set up a grooming table for a few hours.

Later - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oooh, my gosh, Man just got back and we have a reservation!!  Hip hip, hooray, Savannah here we come!!

Groom all, the boys get baths, the girls get a comb out.  Put away a lot of stuff, as we want to get an early start tomorrow.

March 15, 2002

6:30 AM, FOG! Bad fog!  Yesterday the news was filled with the reports of 125 vehicle accident, due to fog,  in Ringgold Georgia, just inside the Tennessee/Georgia line.  We stayed in Ringgold on the way down.  We will not leave until the fog has lifted.

Man promised me Waffle House this A.M. as there is one just across the street, we walk over, walk in, no seats in the non-smoking section, and the cook informs us that people are smoking everywhere in the restaurant anyway.  He is trying to get us to sit down in the smoking section.  He made quite the noise about it, and so did we, as we announced just as loudly that there was NO way we were sitting there, and turned and left.  Saw one of the waitresses shaking her head in disbelief.  Well, believe it honey, I don’t eat where I cannot breath!  We walked back across the street to McDonalds, which was very crowded, but a totally non-smoking establishment.  We had to wait and wait for our meal, and part of it was cold, and the coffee was weak.  Usually the coffee is good at McDonalds, all who know me, know I like it.  Well, this was watered down or something.  Hot tho!  It is this kind of experience that has us eating more meals in the trailer this year than out.  We have noticed a substantial drop in the quality of service and quality of food over the last year or so, at home and on the road.  BLAH!

As we sat there, the fog lifted, was something to see, it burned off in 7 minutes.  Back at the trailer we quickly feed the dogs, pack up, and hit the road.  We are in Savannah by 10:20!  Holy cow, we even surprised ourselves!  HA!  At first we were told our campsite was occupied, as check out time is noon.  Then just a few minutes later, they told us we could go set up.  COOL!

Set up, quick showers, I make a call and find that the Georgia Historical Society Library is open till 5 PM (in downtown Savannah).  Lunch, and we are off.

At the library I find a few things, the most interesting and satisfying is the obituary for my great-grandfather, Joseph, who died just one month after I was born.  In his obituary they mention, “survived by one great-grandson, Carol ..., of Norfolk” Oh, boy, did I have a great laugh!  Got a copy too.

While I was researching, Man took a walk, scooping out the festivities for St. Patrick’s Day, big stuff in Savannah.  I finished what I could do in such a short time frame at the library, we moved the truck, to get closer to the river front, and got out to experience St. Paddy’s in Savannah.  Bought a beer, and just like all the local’s walked around the streets drinking a beer, taking in the sights.  There are a lot of street vendors, on wheels, selling t-shirts, green beads, green hats, green wigs, green STUFF!!  We overheard the vendors saying they had to keep moving, I suspect that they have no vendor’s license, but are tolerated, as long as they move on, move on, move on.

Happened upon a parade, the police officer called it the “Little Parade”.  Little, I GUESS!  HA HA, could not have been more than 8 or 10 units.  Several Scottish units, KILTS and all.  (Yes, Anne, there were a couple of really cute guys, and NO, I did not ask them to pull up those Kilts, although I would have liked to see what was under them!)

Found a very nice restaurant on Bay Street and had dinner.  Unlike many of the places we seem to find lately, the service was GREAT, the food was GREAT, and the prices were reasonable.

Turned out to be a fun and successful day (research wise).  Back at the trailer later, I did a little input, and yes, Joseph’s obituary is typed in!  Was before I ever left the library!

March 16, 2002

Today we will run over to Statesboro in Bulloch County, so I can do research.  I have reviewed my “to do” list and am ready to go.

Later – –  –

Took the scenic route over, drove through Bryan County, where my great-great grandmother was born.  Bryan County is now mostly Ft. Stewart.  Sometime (I think about 1950's) the federal government condemned thousands of acres of land to take over as a military base.  There is a book at the Statesboro Regional Library that lists the court cases involved in this action and the number of acres listed is astounding, one case alone covered land amounting to over 76,000 acres.

At the library I do email and start on my “to do” list.  As is usual, I find some, miss on some.  I needed deeds from Bryan County, and I thought I remembered that some of the deeds were filmed and were in the Statesboro library.  I remembered correctly, and I got what they had, but one of them was not available, and I think it was probably the most important.  I will have to get it somewhere else.  Found an obituary which I later was able to tie into my Bowen lines.  Found some census data I was after, did not find a batch of marriages I was hunting for.  Good, bad, normal!

While I was working Man had the truck washed, it really needed it!  The bug shield was cracked, the washing resulted in the cracked section totally breaking off.  A little super glue later, and the part is back on.  Time will tell if it will hold.

Lunch at the Western Sizzler.  I go back to the library, Man goes in search of a Wal-Mart to try and find a container to put on the floorboard in the truck, between driver and passenger, for maps, purse, etc.  I am real tired of stuff flying around, no place for my feet, maps, ick!  He is successful, ends up with a dish tub, fits perfect, and will not slip around!  AHHHHHHHH!  Sigh of relief, some days, just the smallest of victories feels so good!  HA HA!

The research was fairly successful, back at the trailer, I do, input, but of course.

It is warm, and muggy, we turn the air conditioner off for the night, but the humidity makes sleeping hard, but, hey, it ain’t cold!  (Sorry, those of you still in Michigan, don’t mean to rub it in, just reporting the facts!)

March 17, 2002, St. Patrick’s Day

Warm, it really is warm today!

Ends up that someone said it was 91 degrees here today!  WOW!  Not sure that is correct, but, it was really warm!

We stayed home today, well, mostly, did some input, did some laying around, did some cleaning, made a large pot of hamburger pie (OK, Son # 1, control that gag reflex!).

Later in the afternoon we did wander out for a couple of hours, went to Wal-Mart (one of the Super Stores, where they have groceries) and got supplies.

Tried to find raw peanuts for Karen, sorry, after 3 stores, could not find any, they said they would have them after April 15th!  Sorry Karen, we really tried for ya!

Back at the trailer we stash the goods, have dinner, ummmmm, that hamburger pie really tasted good, and we have leftovers!

Turn the air conditioner in the trailer off, the noise gets to ya after a while, open the windows, there is a lot of pollen out there, (Man’s clean truck is now covered with yellow pollen), and it is muggy, but we decide to brave it.

March 18, 2002

Oh, the pollen got me, knew it would, sigh.  Stuffy head, sticky eyes, sore shoulders.

Today we move to Walterboro, another easy ride, only about 70 miles.  Next anticipated move into North Carolina will be about 270, a long day.  These short little hops will spoil ya, lazy tourists, that’s what we are!

Time for breakfast- - more later - - - -

Get to Walterboro in time for lunch, get a nice site in the same campground we stayed in last year, only this year we asked for a site with no concrete patio.  Nice site, several palmetto palms around.  Lunch, showers and then into Walterboro for a few hours of research, email, etc.  The email is now limited to 30 minutes per day, and the computers are old and just don’t work so good, stall, crash, blah!  Trying to check our charge accounts and such was just as hard, they finally put me on 2 different computers, jeeeesschhhhh, you would think I was back in Tipton with AIX-LEN.NET.  Argghhh!  Also reminds ya at just how good the internet is in the Georgia libraries.  At least in the ones I have been in.  Here is ole poor Georgia, trashy (still trash along the roads) Georgia but man, they got that internet thing down!  Someone in Georgia has done them good when it comes to public libraries and internet.

Anyway, I went into the historical room hoping to find some new books, new resources.  Not so, even tho I really tried!

Made an early evening of it, back to the trailer by 6ish, had a beer, had some of that hamburger pie leftovers, I did input trying to clean up “notes” I made in Statesboro.  Man laid on the couch watching TV and by 9ish I got tired just looking at him, so fed the dogs, laid down with a trashy novel and read.

The day had been really hot, we stopped at Welcome Center (South Carolina) and the heat took our breath away, by 9 P.M., it is cool, we have the doors and windows open and sleep with them that way, it drops to about 60 degrees, great sleeping weather.

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