Monday, March 8, 2004

The 2004 Adventure, February 29 to March 11, 2004, Beauty and the Bad Dudes

We have spent the last several weeks doing a little sightseeing and shopping, and enjoying the weather. We went to Mexico several times, once on a tour, other times to Progresso, for shopping and lunch. We visited several parks nearby.

The flowers and flowering bushes are starting to bloom. It is so warm here that there have been petunias and geraniums in full bloom for weeks. They look like mine do in Michigan about July!

Al and I hosted a small get together for other Montana owners here in the park. We shared finger foods and information about the Montana Owners Club online forum. It was a very nice evening.

There was a bit of excitement here in the park. Seems we had a crook amid our ranks. The police came in here and took possession of a $450,000 motor home. The story is (allowing for exageration of those who told us), that he wrote a $70,000 check for the deposit of this motor home and of course, the check bounced. It is possible that he also had a new truck that he towed behind this motor home, also not paid for. We heard that the wife of this stellar person had a accident on a cycle here, and somehow that got the attention of the authorities. We also heard that they had been in the park for about a month. My response was, "I hope I did not have dinner with this creep!" Anyway, when the local police got into the motor home they found a lot of false identities, checkbooks, and reportedly a roll of checks from State Farm Insurance. We were told there were at least 8 full identities. Not sure how much of this story is really true, but part of it was, cause they reported the removal of the motor home on the local news stations.

Not sure what this bush is, but it surely is pretty. There are a number of these in the park.

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