Thursday, July 1, 2004


Every summer we try to visit Gun Lake, Yankee Springs Recreation Area, near Hastings, Michigan for 2 weeks of summer fun. We fish, we swim, we boat, we have campfires, somemores and other campfire goodies, singalongs with Larry's guitar to accompany our attempts at being "Elvis", pot luck dinners, fishing and a little nap taking. We go with our great friends, Larry and Mary, Don and Kathy.

Gun Lake is over 2000 acres of water, some deep, but a lot of that acreage is rather shallow, about 4 to 6 feet. There are great beaches. There are some great restaurants, for those days when we just don't feel like burning hot dogs on the grill. There are a number of golf courses nearby, so Al can play his annual 9 holes of golf. It is one of our favorite campgrounds and we look forward to each summer of camping there with our friends.

Before we leave home, we gather fishing poles, golf clubs, beach toys and chairs, awning house, all the toys we will NEED (err, make that WANT) while we are at the lake.

It is about 120 miles from home to Gun Lake, so Carol drives the van and pulls the pontoon boat, Al drives the truck and pulls the Montana 5er.

We go, we play, we enjoy!

The photos are just a glimpse at Gun Lake Camping, AKA, pack that campsite as full as you can with fun and toys!

Above, the pontoon boat trailer, the van, the Montana 5er
with the shade awning installed, creating a great place
to sit and chat under the large awning.

Above, another view of the shade awning. Notice lots
of "carpets" on the ground, this campground is so heavily
used that the grass never has a chance to grow,
or very little chance. That is our GM truck in the background.

The clothes drying rack. Below the Montana
are beach toys and fishing gear.

Above, our pontoon boat, parked at the end of our campsite
on the channel, we can walk right out of the Montana and onto the boat.
( What a way to go! )
You can see the lake at the right of the photo. Also our awning house,
which is used primarily for shade for the yorkies.
Yes, we know, they are spoiled rotten dogs.

Above, another view of the Montana 5er, the GM
 truck, and the van in the background.

Above: Using that campsite! Al cooking dinner.
Here you can see the shade and awning, the picnic table,
the awning house and in the very back of the photo you can
 just see the teal of the canapy of the pontoon boat.

Can't wait for next year!!

P.S. A limited number of campsites at Gun Lake are on the channel, we were very lucky to be able to reserve this campsite. We enjoyed every moment, realizing that we might not be that lucky next year!

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