Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Montana Tours of 2005, March 23, 2005, Rio Grande Livestock Show, Amazing BBQ Grills

We attended the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show here in Mercedes. This is a form of our 4-H county fairs, the youth show the livestock they have been raising, only here they show a LOT more cows and steers than I remember in Michigan. They have arts & crafts for sale, carnival rides, junk food, vendors, etc. They have rodeo several evenings a week (we did not attend, heard it was quite good tho). They have fireworks and a parade. We could see the fireworks from our trailer, just stood in the door way and watched! They take their bar-b-que quite seriously in Texas, as you can see by this photo!

All these smokers/cookers were made by individuals for this fair
competition. They were made of very heavy gauge metals. The lids were so
heavy I could barely lift one, and it was a small cooker.

I know, first thought, is that animal would be a lot of steaks and meat for
those cookers! This was a LARGE animal!

Above:  A 1903 John Deere Chuck Wagon. This type of wagon would be
loaded up with coffee, beans, flour, rice and cured meats for cattle drives.
There was a nice demonstration about cattle drives at the Rio Grande Livestock Show.

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