Friday, April 8, 2005

Montana Tours of 2005, April 8, 2005, Texas Flowers & Fredericksburg Delightful Shopping

More flowers, so many flowers, so much temptation, just could not help ourselves, had to take lots of photos, some of which we are enjoying sharing with you, hope you enjoy them!

This lone purple flower was growing on Enchanted Rock, in a divit created by stones.

Yellow daisies, again, at Enchanted Rock, extra special when you see them against the background of the stone of the area. They sure jump out at cha!

One last flower photo, Enchanted Rock area.

While we stayed in Fredericksburg Texas we ate a 3 fabulous German restaurants, and found at least 2 more!

The country side is very scenic, fun to drive around. The area is full of unusual things and places, stuff Al and I both enjoy.

The last day we did something we seldom do, cause I HATE SHOPPING!! But, we went walking around downtown Fredericksburg, window shopping style, Found a number of additional restuarants to try, some smelled reallllllll good! We never did get into the Brewery, but when we walked by there a couple of guys were drinking a beer and said it was FAB!!!!!

The stores were OUT OF SIGHT!! There was some of the usual, touristy stuff, but, I got to tell you, it was mostly UP SCALE! This is not your everyday tourist trap! The clothing stores were so wonderful, I stared, I drooled, I did not dare go in! The art was wonderful, and, let me tell you about the antique stores. Now, I am no expert, and I am sure some of this was not the best, but, I can tell you that some of it was real and some of the most unusual pieces I have ever come across. The new stuff weren't so bad either! Tables made from mesquite wood. Oh, man, that stuff is so heavy you cannot believe it, but, wowie, gorgeous. Some of it, they picked wood that had holes it in, and filled the holes with tourquoise or copper pieces. Very unusual, very pretty, very Texas!

There was this store called Rustlin' Rob's Texas Gourmet Foods, it totally overwhelming! They had stuff I have never heard of or seen before, they had cobblers, like cherry cobbler, serve warm over ice cream, yum, you could bake a pie with this stuff. They had dips and mustards, and jelly, like Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly, barbeque sauces, bloody mary mixes, Toffee Pecan Honey Butter, Peach Amaretto Pecan Honey Butter, they had Jalapeno Peanut Butter, and TONS AND TONS AND TONS MORE! And you could taste anything you wanted, as much of it as you wanted. Al said he could eat a total meal in there. It was EXPENSIVE, but what a experience. WOWIE. And, they had fudge. Like $3.00 a quarter pound. Let me tell you, I have not had fudge that good in years, they make it with cream and butter, it is the smoothest creamiest fudge I have had, maybe ever!! And, not gaggy sweet, like a lot of the stuff you buy. One bite and I am spoiled for life!

We have had fabulous weather, mid 70 to 85 or so, clear skies, not much humidity, slight breezes, a bit windy once or twice. All in all it was a great week! We left a lot of sights unseen, and museums and other great places unvisited, we surely want to come back to Fredericksburg Texas!

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