Monday, March 27, 2006

Montana Travel Reports for 2006, March 27, 2006, Wild Animals of the Rio Grande Valley

These are Javelinas. Otherwise known as Collared Peccary. The link will tell you all kinds of interesting stuff about this animal. We see small bands of them at the State Park, usually 5 to 10 animals in a pack. We keep our distance!

We saw these Javelina babies as we rode out of the park the other morning. They don't look too old, and like all babies, they are kinda cute. You can see the adults are watching us rather closely. We were more than 100 feet away, but those adults were taking NO chances on those humans watching them.

Imagine our surprise when we got back to our rig the other day and found this fierce critter residing in our bedroom????

OHHHHHH, that is for the twins! HAHAHA He is four foot tall, it will take a lot of candy to fill him!

Back on January 25 of the Montana Travel Reports of 2006 we showed you a photo of the palapala out in front of our Montana. The leaves were bare, well, here it what it looks like at the end of March. Not so bare anymore.

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