Wednesday, April 17, 2002

The Tour, 2002, The Finale

April 13, 2002

Continue the drive home, yesterday we did about 280 miles, today we are looking at about 270.  Long days.

We call the family once we get near Cleveland (my cell phones cover this area).  Son # 2 does not get the message, and shows up at the house a few hours after we get home to check things over, so we have a nice visit.

We stop and get the mail.  OH, yowser!  We get one of those white boxes they use, FULL!  GULP!

We pull onto W street to discover they have just graded the roads.  How nice of them to do that for us!   HA HA HA

We back the trailer into the parking spot, the mud we left there two months ago is STILL THERE!!  The rabbits have been eating my crocus, the daffodils are blooming.  The hood of the Escort is sorta up (not all the way, just a little, like the latch is lose), not sure why, not sure how, but does not seem to be anything wrong with it.

The van battery is dead.  The cat has hair all over the carpet, etc.  I am cleaning carpet and sweeping carpet 20 minutes after we hit the front door.  The house plants need water, so I start that too.

Man fixes the garage door so it will go up, turns the power back on the stove, the pump, fills the hot water heater.  Oooo, does that water stink (sulfur smell), I burn a few candles to help get rid of the stink! We have hot water in less than one hour.  I start running the washing machine (empty) and the dishwasher (ditto) so that we can use them tomorrow.

I begin the process of sorting the mail.  One pile for income, one pile for bills, one pile for stuff that is important for Man to look over, one pile for genealogy, one pile for catalogs, etc, and one pile for pure junk.

April 14 to 17, 2002

The days all run together, we have been grocery shopping, have cut some of the fallen trees in the woods, Man has rolled the yard, we have started getting the boat ready for the season, we have cleaned out about 85 % of the trailer, the truck is completely cleaned out and oil changed.  We have cleaned part of the carpet in the front room, watered plants, paid the bills, deposited the checks, filled book orders, cleaned most of the flower beds, most of the garage has been organized too, which included carrying the chair from the trailer and the small refrigerator out to the pole barn and up that LONG stairwell.  Groan!!  We have even managed to spend a day with the twins and their parents.  Whew!!!  I guess the Tour of 2002 is officially over!

We were gone exactly 8 weeks.

We drove about 4700 Miles.

We stayed at 16 campgrounds, and we stayed in one private residence driveway (a very very nice campground indeed).

We used 472 gallons of gasoline (taking into consideration we left with a full tank and have not filled the tank since we got home, so that number may be off a wee bit).

We visited 10 different families/friends.

We could have gone on for longer, life in the RV is fine by us.  But so is life at home, the family, the friends, the community.

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