Friday, April 12, 2002

The Tour, 2002, Part 12

April 8, 2002

Meeting Alva for lunch today in Harrisonburg.  First I do a little research in the courthouse and I do some more after lunch.  Results, mixed.  Did find a few deeds that I did not have.  Did not find any more proof/data on Charles Trumbo or Catherine Fawley or the Kessler clan.  GRRR.  I am desperate now and will start reading the Minute Books of the Court.  This is a REALLY hard  way to research.  You have to read the entire book, line by line.

Man spends the day sitting in courtrooms listening to court cases.  He thinks this is FUN.  He tells me all about the cases all the way home! He even asks me if we are going to the courthouse again tomorrow so he can sit in on more cases!

Nancy is out of town for the evening, so we take T.D. to dinner, he buys, we drive.

Much warmer tonight and the heater hardly runs.

April 9, 2002

We decide to go back to Harrisonburg, Man does sit in on a few court cases, and I sit and read ONE Minute book.  JUST ONE!  Sad to say, I did not find what I was looking for, and I am beginning to strongly feel that the case will never be found, I was hoping to find that Catherine Fawley filed a bastardy case for her son, Charles.  I now doubt that she ever did.

Rainy all day, grey, foggy, hazy.  But not cold.

April 10, 2002

I cannot face another Minute Book, so no more research for me.  We we going to go up to Shenandoah County, but I do not have the map I need, so we just sit around and do, well, NOT MUCH!

April 11, 2002

I do some input, do some email, do some cleaning up of the trailer, storing away.  We have decided that we will leave Broadway tomorrow AM.  Time to get home to Michigan.  The weather is very nice here, and we spend some time just sitting in the sun.

Today is Nancy’s son’s birthday, so a crowd goes to Dayton to a real cool restaurant, it has been around for a long time, was a boarding house, is run by Mennonites.  There are 12 of us, the food is really good, and it was a nice time.

April 12, 2002

We take Nancy and T.D. to breakfast in Timberville.  A small thanks for being such good hosts.

We hook up, and start out, on the road by 9:30.  It is a lovely day, ya can see for miles.  Not windy, nice driving.  The day is pretty much routine, except for that one truck that nearly took our front left headlight out, he obviously could not tell where the end of his truck was, and he came right over at us, it was a 6 inch miss.  Man was NOT happy!

We discover that there are no campgrounds open in Ohio, at least about halfway between Cleveland back to the eastern gate of the Ohio Turnpike.  We end up finding a campground around Pittsburg (think that was were we stopped last year), only this time we are on the northwest side of town.  It is a small campground, nice enough.  They want $2.50 more a night to upgrade you from 15 amps to 30 amps.  Man says, no way, we can get by on 15.  The lady says, well you cannot run a heater on that, or an air-conditioning.  We know we we can, so why pay.  It is really warm, had to dump off the sweatshirt as soon as we stepped out of the truck.

Cooked dinner, I groomed out the dogs, combed them out, no baths.  Man got involved with the “motorhome episode”.  This guy had a brand new (5,000 miles) motorhome, probably about 2 hundred thousand dollars worth.  He had troubles tho, something about throwing oil out the back when he went down the hills with the diesel pusher engine. ?????  I will have to ask Man to explain it.  Anyway, he called the manufacturer, they gave him quite a bit of hassle and told him NOT to drive it, they would send a tow truck (a big tow truck).  When Man wandered over there, they were trying to hook the tow truck up to the MH (motorhome).  Only, they could NOT!  Man stood up there watching and chatting for a long time, cause I had almost all 4 dogs combed out while he was gone!!!

They finally called in another tow truck, and it took probably close to 2 hours for him to arrive.  Now, this was a HUGE tow truck, made the big tow truck look, well, not small, but not big anymore.

They were working in the dark, and it took a while, but they finally managed to get the MH hooked up to the HUGE tow truck.  It looked like a fifth wheel hookup, only upside down.  They pulled that MH out of there real slow like.  Maybe at 1 MPH!!!  And they checked the hookup several times.  One guy actually walked along side with a flashlight checking it as it progressed toward the road.

I managed to do input after all this excitement, and then hit the hay!

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