Saturday, January 28, 2006

Montana Travel Reports for 2006, January 28, 2006, Museum of South Texas History

Another of our day trips was to the Museum of South Texas History in Edinburg, Texas. What we found was a fabulous colletion of artifacts, well arranged, well displayed.

Above, this interesting piece of wraught iron is above a door way, there are a number of animals and critters worked into this piece, you will find a hummingbird, a snake, a lizard or two, and more. Photo courtesy of Ormee and Ginette Chamberlain.

Saddle on display, silver, and lots of it!

The Museum of South Texas History started its life as the Hidalgo County Historical Museum. The first building they occupied was originally the jail, a very old jail. A jail that still has the trap door for a hangin! YIKES. We are looking UP at the trap door that would fall away during a hanging. They only hung one man in this jail before the State of Texas changed the law and all executions were taken over by the state. The door is now welded shut!

Well, my my, what have we here?? That would be from the left, Steve, Bob, John and Carol. The Museum of South Texas History specializes in tours for school children. This is part of the tour talking about the Spanish in the area, and is one of the few places the children (?) can touch the artifacts. So, the tour guide lined up 4 volunteers (?) and here ya go! We were on the tour with 5 other MOC (Montana Owners Club) families.

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