Monday, January 30, 2006

Montana Travel Reports for 2006, January 30, 2006, Birding at the Convention Center

Behind the South Padre Island Convention Center is a Birding Observation area. There is a resident alligator, which we did not see this year. We did spend an hour or so enjoying the birds and waterfowl. I believe this is called a Common Moorhen.

Where there is water, there have to be a few turtles. In this area, there were a LOT of them! Not sure what kind he is, he was about 12 to 15 inches in diameter. Have a feeling he would make a bad boo boo on your finger if you got too close! OUCH!

Above and right, same bird, he was about 2 to 3 foot tall, I have spent considerable time browsing the bird book I have with me and have yet to figure out WHO this guy is! He is not nearly as large as the Great Blue Heron. He was in just inches of water in the Madre Lagoon, west of South Padre Island.

Above, to the right bottom, standing in the grass is a Great Blue Heron. Thus ends our wonderful day on South Padre Island.

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