Thursday, February 2, 2006

Montana Travel Reports for 2006, February 2, 2006, Dolphin Watching

This gorgeous flower is on the Esperanza bush, a continueous blooming evergreen. They are planted all over the campground. They are a native Texas plant.

We went to Border Fest again this year, we stayed for seven hours. We had a grand time. Below, this Border Collie was helping his master do push ups. We enjoyed the dog show tremendously.

Below, dancers from different countries, but all considered "belly-dancing". Other ethenic dancing exhibits at Border Fest were dancers from the Netherlands, Brazil, Scottish Bagpipes, Polonesian drums and dancers. There were demonstrations of Karate and other martial arts, drummers, country western entertainment. The list goes on and on. Wander from tent to tent, area to area, country to country.

Right, Mardi Gras dancing from Brazil and South America. The drums that beat out the dances were fabulous, makes ya want to get up there and dance with em! Costumes were outrageous, as Mardi Gras outfits should be, green, gold, purple, with dashes of hot pink.

Left, one of the floats from the Illuminated Parade, it is a small parade if you count numbers of units, but it goes through the grounds of the entire Festival, has lots of lights, and very colorful floats. A great way to end a wonderful day at Border Fest. (Oh, yea, and we have not even talked about the fab food we had there!)

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