Monday, February 27, 2006

Montana Travel Reports for 2006, February 27, 2006, Los Ebonos Ferry & Biking

Near Mission to the west, is the last hand drawn ferry that crosses the Rio Grande River from the US to Mexico. The ferry holds 3 cars, or 20 bikes and riders. Many Winter Texans find this an enjoyable way to spend a morning. Ride the ferry to Mexico and bike into town for shopping and lunch, bike back to the ferry and cross back to the US. Some of our friends had done this and we decide to do this one day in early March. Well, much to our dismay, the water of the Rio Grande was high, the current was fast and the ferry was not running. They could not get it close enough to load the passengers and vehicles and the current was too strong for the workers to pull us back from Mexico. Here is the ferry-------- and Mexico on the other side ------

And here are the sad faces that could not go biking in Mexico this day. OK, a few of em were laughing, but some of em were crying!

All was not lost, we drove over to Santa Ana Refuge and rode there.

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