Saturday, January 17, 2004

The 2004 Adventure, January 17, 2004, arrive Huntsville, Alabama, brrr

Breakfast at the Waffle House, yum, Carol gets grits!! We both have southern country salty ham. More YUM!

It is rainy a lot of today, the drive is pretty uneventful (that is a good thing), except for the occasional idiot driver. We run across one interesting thing. We got off the expressway, we were contemplating a short side trip to the Jim Beam distillery in southern Tennessee. When we got off we discover that there is no indication of how far we might have to drive, so decide this is not the time to go on a “jaunt”. So, we look around for food. It is rather late in the afternoon and we have not had any lunch. Imagine our surprise to find that the entrance to every restaurant at this expressway exit blocked for tall rigs. Unless your total heights were less than 9 foot 6 inches, you could not get in, or out. Only thing we can figure is they had had considerable trouble with big rig drivers???? Seeing that we were not welcome, we made a U turn on the 4 lane highway and got back on I 65 and left!

Arrived Huntsville Alabama about 5 PM, we finished setting up in the dark and drizzle. We are very tired again, but we think it is marginally warm enough to have water. This is always a good thing!! Bob and Pat deHilster had suggested the campground, Ditto Landing, and we find it to be quite charming and it suits us just fine!

We hear that the temps below freezing, so, we fill the fresh water tank and drain the hoses. This turned out to be a good decision, as it just keeps getting colder and colder.

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