Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The 2004 Adventure, January 28 2004, New Orleans, Plan XYZ

Well, ya know what they say about best laid plans of mice and women?? We estimated that the 12:15 bus with connection to the streetcar, with a few minutes of walk time and we should be at the boat dock with oh, 20 minutes to spare, give or take. Course, not configured into our master plan was the possibility that the 12:15 bus would not run cause it was broke down. Let me tell you, that the 12:42 bus will NOT get you to the boat on time, we were about 7 minutes too late.

OK, fall back to plan “X”, “Y” or “Z”. We now have about 3 hours to spend downtown until the shuttle bus from the campground is due to take us home. HMMMM. Ok, lets just start walking, it is not as cold as the day before, but still a bit brisk. We have to eat, Al needs more Louisiana food, more spices, more something!

We wander around checking out menus and finally find a charming garden/eatery. We walk by, thinking it is too cold, but see others eating, and decide to go back and check it out. They were warming the area with propane heaters hung on the surrounding walls. Oh, what the hay, lets give this a shot. Good decision, as the food was pretty good, the coffee was even better (course, it helped that the coffee was just a little spiked with bourbon and kalua and the most wonderful real whipped cream).

The rest of the afternoon was spent just wandering around the French Quarter, taking photos, window shopping, enjoying. Tomorrow we will try once again to take our Mississippi River boat tour.

A hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans, decorated for Mardi Gras.

View in cemetery, this particular cript was for local nuns, there were a lot of burials, up to 5 or so a year.

In sharp contrast, is this street mime, he held this position for who knows how long. Notice the left foot position. The dog is fake, but the man is alive and talks and must have great muscle tone! AMAZING!

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