Sunday, January 18, 2004

The 2004 Adventure, January 18 2004, Huntsville Family Time, still brrrrrr

We spend a very very nice day visiting with Al’s cousins, Bob and Pat deHilster. Pat fixed us a wonderful one dish breakfast and a great one dish dinner. YUM. Such good eats! We tell stories, share photos, Carol got the scanner running and copied a number of photos and documents for her family history project. We watched part of the old movies Bob and Pat had converted from 8mm to video. Bob’s mother had voiced over a part of the total project, what fun, listening to Hilda tell about her children and family vacations and family get togethers. We enjoyed this so much!

Temps dropping, the rain finally stops, but it is collllddddddd!!! We run the propane heat and two electric heaters, and have the electric blankets running too. Brrrrr outside, toasty inside.

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