Saturday, February 28, 2004

The 2004 Adventure, February 14 to 28, 2004, Palms and Dolphins

We have been here 3 weeks now. Time is flying by.


We got a little rain, we got warm days, we got sun, WE GOT WIND! Wowie, it can sure blow down here. There is usually a breeze, then about every 4th day it really kicks up and blows and blows and blows! Today I could barely open the door on the 5er the wind was so strong. Most days the temps are running about 75 degrees. Some nights it gets downright cold, the other morning there was a wind chill of 37 degrees. The Texas sun is hot, so if you get a sunny day with little wind, you can get a great sunburn (you have to ask how I know?? HA HA)

What have we been doing?? NOT MUCH! We fill the days with meals, and caring for the dogs, visiting with the couples in the RV’s next to us, both very nice and helpful. We go to pot luck dinners, pancake suppers, entertainment here in the park, the pool and hot tub, run errands, read some, Al has watched a couple of DVD movies, sit in the sun, take a walk, work on the trailer, clean the trailer, do laundry, sit some more, and start all over again. There was a gathering for people from Michigan (this park only), we went to that yesterday afternoon. Next Tuesday, we, along with the couple (from Manitoba) in the Montana next to us, are hosting a little get together for the Montana owners in this park. Currently there are about 10 Montanas here.

We took a tour to South Padre Island that included a boat ride (dolphin watching). We went to Progresso Mexico one day, walking over the bridge, shopping till we dropped, and then walking back over the bridge. We will go back a couple more times. (Charlee, lots of “S” little stuff we love to shop for!!) We had a great lunch when we were there, and drank beer and Margueritas.

You can see why they have named the campground,
Victoria Palms.This is Victoria Palms Boulevard.

This is the Gulf of Mexico from the southern tip of South Padre Island.

Yes, there is a dolphin there, bout mid photo.
In the background is Mexico, we are just off the south tip of South Padre Island, almost in the Gulf of Mexico, but not quite. The dolphins did jump, but were not particularly frisky this day. Still, they are such a joy to watch, such mystical gentle animals.

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