Saturday, February 7, 2004

The 2004 Adventure, February 6 and 7, 2004, Bad campground, and then GREAT campground

February 6, 2004

Well, there is no rain, but it is windy, which will cut into the gas mileage on the truck. The sun is out, the roads are pretty good, well, very good!

We stop after about 90 miles, for potty break, etc. We discover that somehow we have a full black water tank (the potty holding tank). This is not a real good thing, Al is concerned that it might leak somewhere from the pressure. We continue down the road, but decide to find a campground where we can dump, even if we have to spend the night, instead of going to the campground we had intended to stop at. We find a small city park, find it untended by personnel, dump, rinse the tank, and head down the road to the our intended point of destination. Maybe we should have stayed in the city park, the price was right $12.00 a night, and there was a nice nature trail along the river. However, we had called the other campground and it was closer to our final destination, so we pushed on.......

We also discovered that the frig does NOT always shut and lock. Somehow this AM when I prepare the refrigerator for the road I did not get the door totally locked. We were very lucky, nothing came out of the frig, it did not come open and bang up anything. From now on I will give the frig door an extra push, just to be sure that the door lock is caught.

Well, the destination campground was a bit difficult to find. It is in a mobile home park, this one is a FAR FAR FAR cry from the one like this we stayed at in Jackson Mississippi. This place is ugly, unkempt and the electrical system is so bad that not even “pathetic” describes it. What is DOWN from pathetic?? UGH.

We changed sites THREE times before we thought we had one that had power, had power that had correct voltage and correct polarity. One site we were all set, UNTIL we turned the power on, then it blew the circuit at the pole and there was no way to reset it. The site we finally took had wiring that was not to code, not correct, and in the middle of the night there were power spikes. And for this the management wanted over $20.00 a night. Al saw they offered a senior citizen discount and demanded it! The management started to give him a bit of grief, saying we were not senior citizens. Al said, I am 55, that is a senior citizen, I am not paying more. The guy hushed and took our $$. We cannot recommend this campground to anyone.

I have been in a lot of campgrounds in all the years we have been camping, and some have definitely been better than others. We always look at each other and say, well, we can put up with anything for 1 night. Well, I have to tell you that this place was so bad that we looked at each other and agreed that this time, we would put up with it, but could not wait for morning and could not wait to GET OUT OF THERE! I refused to take out any thing I did not have to have, I did not use the computer, I did not want to have to put the chairs back in the morning.

February 7, 2004

We were out of there by 9:15 AM, on the road to the Rio Grande Valley, and very happy to be on the road again! By 11:30 AM we were close to the campground we have reservations in. We pull off the road, find a Jack In The Box and have lunch. We called the campground to see if we could arrive this early in the day, yep, and away we go!

This place is very nice. This is luxury resort living. Swimming pools, craft buildings, planned events, including entertainment, and more. The site they have given us is very nice, so, we have decided to STAY here for 5 weeks! GULP, another new adventure, we have never stayed anywhere that long. We have free cable TV, possibly high speed internet (still working on that one), free phone (working on that one) and mail service. Our neighbors here have a Montana 5th wheel and are from Manitoba Canada, they are very nice.

Tomorrow we will get out and explore.

John Kerry wins the Michigan and Washington State caucus votes.

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