Saturday, February 14, 2004

The 2004 Adventure, February 8 to 14, 2004, Our First Resort RV Park, Victoria Palms

Happy Valentine’s Day.

It has been gray and gloomy and raining and rather cold here for the Texas Tropics. This morning (the 14th) there was a wind chill of 34 degrees. Brrrrrr. Today was the first time we saw blue skies in 6 days. We really cannot complain, seeing that it is cold everywhere in the US, and a lot of nasty snow storms and ice storms and such, but this IS supposed to be the Texas TROPICS! ????

This will be a week report, not daily:

We have been doing the routine chores, getting a mail box here in the campground, getting the phone installed at campground, getting the high speed internet installed at campground. All are free, cept the phone if you talk over 30 minutes at a time or make long distance phone calls. The high speed internet is fun when it works, which is about 18 hours a day.

We did laundry, we did shopping, we went and looked at all the new Montana models. I still love my 3295 RK bestest !!! We went to Camping World, Al bought a really neat ladder that folds up to the smallest little 4 inch square by 6 foot long.

We went to a few meals here at the campground in their OWN restaurant. Food was OK. You can tell this is a resort, some people really get dressed up, suits, gold shoes for the gals, formal dresses, wow. We have nothing with us fancier than black dress pants and some cowboy clothes. Oh, well. Cannot take this gal out of blue jeans for long!>G>

They have activities all day long, every day. Al has been playing pool, we went to a few of the shows (live singing acts). They fill your propane tanks at the site, you can get deliveries via US Mail and even the UPS trucks come in here.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Everyone says HI as you walk by on the roads.

We will take a trip into Mexico from here, probably a guided tour. Take me, show me, bring me home!

I will do a little input, Al will play some pool, we will walk the dogs, and do the everyday type stuff, groom dogs, laundry, grocery shopping, cook meals, do dishes. Not a bad place to spend some quiet time.

A view of our back yard, we have a very large lot, the view out the back windows is quite pleasant. Lots of sand burrs here, so ya don't go barefoot, and oh, are they nasty in yorkie long hair! We are learning to cope!

Our campsite, palms and all. Not bad when the sun is shining!

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